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Astronomie S.png R((30/7/2000, Morgan's Hill Wiltshire), Several datations with disagreements (-3000 / 1970), 20 km N-W of Nazca town))

On July 30, 2000, a crop circle echoes a little-known geoglyph located 20 km northwest of the town of Nasca (12 miles from Palpa in the desert, and 248 miles south of Lima), not far from the lines of Nazca 1. The discovery would be related to June Choate who noticed this particular geometric formation in 1983 in Pampa. His article would have appeared in "Ancient Skies Volume 15, Number 1, March–April 1988, p4".

It's a pretty extraordinary apparition considering that it replicates point by point a geoglyph that is only known by very few people. The two additional formations (small concentric circles in the shape of "targets") are represented in the exact places and in the right proportions.

30/7/2000, Blackland (Morgan's Hill), Wiltshire
A picture of the "Star Matrix Geoglyph" or "GGF" or "Geometriglyph"
Another photo of the same geoglyph showing the 3 structures
Overlay of the two photos