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A crop circle is usually made up of a series of circles. For observe a crop circle on Google Map.

U-Sphere deals with the relationship between man and its environment. From the acceptance of the unknown and the integration of new knowledge: how man can change its beliefs to better communicate and fit in the informational spheres that surround him? The Crop Circles seem to participate in this intellectual mutation in that they question us on several levels of reality: what is the nature of their conception? what is the message that the authors have wished to pass us? And what about the crop-circles makers themselves: who are they? You'll certainly have several answers for each of these questions, as crop-circles are a phenomenon having aggregated multiple sources and authors.

Database.gif Example of a series of images generated by a query in the collaborative database of 'U-Sphere

The first scientific article on the subject was published on July 29, 1880 (volume 22, pp 290-291) in the famous journal Nature. He reported the discovery in England of a field studded with circles in Surrey. Today, more than 350 so-called "historic" cases or “precursors” (circles that appeared before 1980) have been recorded by organizations such as The International Crop Circles Archives (ICCA). Beginning in 1980, circles in wheat began to attract the attention of scientists and researchers such as Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews.

Since then, the data recorded on this phenomenon have continued to grow. We are dealing here not only with simple circles but also with more and more complicated figures. In 1990, this development reached a major evolutionary stage when pictograph-like formations over 100 meters in length appeared in the counties of Wiltshire and Hampshire, south of England. Since - and for a still unknown reason - this annual phenomenon demonstrates an increasing complexification coupled with a constantly increasing number of appearances . For almost 30 years, this enigmatic phenomenon, far from declining, has taken on a real scale (in 1980, there were 30 cases, in 1985, more than 100, in 1988, more than 300, in 1990, more than 1000).


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